3D Metal Silver Movie Screen Manufacture

Model 3D/2Dscreen
Original jiangsu,China
MOQ 1pcs
Delivery Time 20~30 working days
Trade Terms EXW, FOB,CIF, Door to door
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C
Packing Standard Wooden crates
Shipping By Sea,By Air
Certificate SGS
OEM/ODM Welcome
Warranty 1 Year
Applicable sites Multi-purpose Lecture Hall/Cinema

Movie Screen

◆◆ Product Specification

Made in:China JiangSu
Packaging:Wooden box
Shipping:Sea, Road, Special lines

◆◆ Product Description

The 3D metal movie screen is currently the most widely used screen product in cinemas, which can take into account 2D films and various forms of 3D film projection. The metal screen produced by our company has greater angle, brightness, colour reproduction performance and sound transmission performance, and its polarisation ratio indicator is particularly prominent in relation to the 3D effect, making the 3D film stereo effect better.

◆◆ Product Feature

1. Screen material: using flame retardant high elasticity PVC soft screen as the base, imported fluorescent material can be curled and transported, tensile strength of 320Mpa, screen perforation diameter 0.8mm-1.2mm, central hole distance 4mm.2. Technical parameters of the screen: projection method: positive projection, roughness: <25μm, uniformity: >98%, colour reproduction deviation ≤4%. Silver screen brightness factor β = 2.4 ± 0.1 (gain can be customized, the screen can be scrubbed), effective radiation angle α = 60 ° ± 0.3, colour reproduction deviation ≤ 4%, screen resolution 125 lines / mm, adapt to bright environment 50-200LUX indoor, perforated screen sound attenuation: 8KHz = 3.7dB 12.5KHz = 4.1dB, polarization light reproduction 250:1. The screen is tough and the curtain is RoHS compliant, UV resistant, anti-static, scrubbable, washable, moisture proof, mould proof, flame retardant and does not age for a long time. Full set of professional environmental protection equipment control production to ensure zero pollution, non-toxic and nodourless workshop.

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